Roll Toe Heel - Static Ball Control Drills for U8-U9

Roll Toe Heel - Static Ball Control Drills for U8-U9

Roll To Heel Tutorial

Hold both feet together and place the ball just in front of the foot that will roll the ball.
This is the ideal position to start so that the leg can move naturally and without overreaching while rolling the ball.
Now put the toe/ball of the foot on the ball and roll forward till the heel is just over the middle of the ball.
Then pull the ball backwards to the start position.
Keep the foot and leg straight on an imaginary line while rolling the ball back and forth on the same imaginary line.
This is harder than it looks at the beginning. Practise with both feet! Your weak foot will catch up very quickly.


Static Ball Mastery Drills

Static ball mastery drills like these are very important for the development of ball coordination and soccer skills.
Many ball control exercises are the basis for more complex soccer moves and techniques.
Master these and you will master the ball. When you master the ball, you master the game. All you need for this soccer practice is a square meter on the lawn. You can train them even on the carpet in the living room.