Shuffle Roll Out Slide In - Fast Footwork Drills for U8-U9

Shuffle Roll Out Slide In Tutorial

This drill builds on the Shuffle and Roll Out.
The player shuffles 4 times and on the fifth count, he/she rolls the ball outwards without leaving the foot on the ball.
While doing this roll, the player jumps also on the support foot to stay in the rhythm.
When the inside of the foot reaches the point of the ball at half height (end of roll), the player gently pushes the ball inwards to the other foot.
The ball shouldn't roll at this point, but slide (hence the name).
When done correctly, one should hear a hissing sound (especially on artificial grass or carpet).
The cycle then again starts with the other foot. The challenge lies in the correct rolling of the ball and sliding the ball back inwards while staying in the rhythm.

Fast Footwork Drills

Fast footwork drills are a mix of dynamic ball mastery drills and static ball control drills (Coerver) which are executed fast and agile.
Light-footed players with a good ball coordination and technique are able to make the action to slice open the defence.
Incorporate these exercises in your soccer (football) training to gain first touch skills very fast.
Fast feet agility training requires a good cooperation between the central nervous system and the motor units in the muscles. All you need for this soccer practice is a square meter on the lawn. You can train them even on the carpet in the living room. Soccer coaches should incorporate these drills in their soccer training or warm-up time before a soccer game.